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Top places to visit and tourism center in ebonyi


Ebonyi State is a state in the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria, bordered to the north and northeast by Benue State, Enugu State to the west, Cross River State to the east and southeast, and Abia State to the southwest.

Ebonyi is primarily an agricultural region. It is a leading producer of rice, yam, potatoes, maize, beans, and cassava, and have a notable basket market in Nigeria, but we are not talking about what’s their official language or food their produce, we are about to look in to their culture and some places to visit, here we listed most know places of Tourism in ebonyi state

Okposi Salt Lake

The lake that supplies the brine was discovered almost immediately after the area now known as Okposi Okwu was inhabited. Two hunters (Ekwna Chita and Uta Anoo) discovered the lake and made their finding public when they discovered they could not quench their thirst with what they thought was ordinary water.No matter how crude the method, salt preparation is not a craft but a scientific process. No wonder the ingenuity of the women who process the salt is attributed to the mythical instruction of a god “Mmahi.” The name equally refers to the lake itself. This belief is heightened by the fact that right from the inception of this local industry, the salt producers have been making use of solar energy in an intuitive manner.

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Amanchor Cave

This cave is located in the etiti community Edda, this place is also a tourist place due to some discovery, According to Chief Boniface Agwuibe, the community head, said the cave was discovered by a hunter, Ofia Ugo (or Uko), who named it Ogba Amanchor

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Unwana Beach

Unwana Golden Sand Beach is a good tourist attraction. It is good for boat cruising and also perfect for picnic, refreshment, and recreation, Also fishing

Ndibe Sand Beach

This is a perfect place for for picnics,relaxation, sunbathing, sport fishing, canoe-racing, swimming, fishing, and yachting.shell exploration and many more.
The beach is always full of activities during the weekend and also in festive periods with alot of people present with hotel accommodations around to spend the night.

Unwana and Ndibe golden sand beaches are located in two different places but both are under one local government which is Afikpo-North Local Government Area. One thing that is common among the two great beaches is the Golden sand. This place is an ideal centre for relaxation and other recreational activities. If you’re looking for beach for picnic, shells exploration, Sport fishing, sunbathing, boat cruising, canoe racing this beach is for you

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Uburu Salt Lake

Ebonyi State has large deposits of salt in Ikwo, Uburu and Okposi in Ohauzara and Abakaliki area. As one of the states with solid minerals, Ebonyi is one of the states that the Federal Government would benefit from to diversify the nation’s economy,

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