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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Minna


Top 10 places to visit in Minna

Minna is the capital city of Niger state, The state is located at north central of Nigeria With highest land mass in the country.

In actual fact the state capital is not that well developed to be attracted, because almost 100% of those who are dominant of the city are farmers, there are some places we can still look on to to be beautiful and attractive, here we goes

1.Federal university of technology Minna,

The school is located in the southern region of the city that is the main campus, it has very attractive buildings, Stadium, and conducive learning center . The name of the place is call Gidan Kwanu also abbreviate by students as GK

2.City gate

The City gate is main entrance to the city through East Coast located in Tunga, the place is attractive and well modified place, you would like it,


Mobil Is the central Minna it is the highest populated place in the city ,the place is full entrepreneurs and travellers, the place has goods looks very highly modified roundabout, the place got it name due to the fuel station that is among the oldest place in region, and it has market place, shop mail, bank, Hospital and many attractive places there, You will love if you visit there

4. Obasanjo complex

Obasanjo is located also in the centre Minna just has Mobil very close to each other about approximately 1.7 kilometers away, it had roundabout that is highly modified worthy of 40 million highly with glittery modifications , that place is mainly for business like phone, phone accessories, phone repair especially at the main complex, and bank around the places, Also the central Mosque around there.

note: Shine eyes due to thugs Around that place

5.Tunga Roundabout

Tunga roundabout, Tunga it self is main city of Minna, this roundabout is among the largest roundabout in the city, that could direct you to any place in city, the place is very beauty with government official work building, with banks almost banks in the city are around that place

6.Government house And its roundabout

The Government house is one of the tourist attractions places in the city , the roundabout close to the government house is very attractive and it Environment

7.Murtalla park

Murtalla park is of the best tourist place in Minna with an artificial wild animals, the place is use for entertainment and learning center

8.Justice Legbo Kutigi conference hall

This hall is purposely for entertaining and learning center, And one of beautiful and largest hall in the state entirely, very close to government house quarters

9.Trade fair complex

Trade fair we could call it a tourist places due to it popularity in the city , buying and selling take place there and and international gathering

10.Uk bello Art theatre

UK bello is a place where entertainment and learning center well modified building

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