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Top 10 tourist Attractions in Abia state


Top 10 tourist Attractions in Abia state

Abia state is located at south east of Nigeria they have population approximately two hundred thousand, they are well culture people, well respected, almost 100% of them are Igbo speaking language, the state capital located at Umuahia. In this article we are to listed some tourism places in the state base on review.

Azumni Blue River,

This river, located between Abia and Akwa Ibom state, this river is not like other river that will see it with some impure particles on top, very pure and attractive, with blue radiant shining,

The Long Juju Shrine of Arochukwu,

Due to its super natural existence being, if your might not got scared, you should have visit this place very locarative place, very interested place for every Nigeria should visit

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National War Museum, Umuahia

located in Isingwu Autonomous community.if you’re interested in knowing about the Nigeria, the national museum is a place to visit for historical, and research about Nigerian civil war.

Ojukwu Bunker, Umuahia

the ohukwo bunker was place that they used to hide during civil war, the place is safe, vist that place to know more about the scenery of the war, May we never with kind of that in any part of Nigeria again, O lord unite Nigerian,

National Museum of Colonial History, Aba

The National Museum of colonial history was established in 1985. This museum is a place that should be visited by every researcher that pays
a visit to Abia state. Here in the national museum of colonial history, you will get to understand what happened during the colonial era
and how it affects present-day Nigeria.

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Mbonu Emerem Museum of Arts, Aba

This is a art and culture for those who love art and craft, visit this place you will love it, you will see a lot of art that you can never image will be craft by human, very locarative place,
Located at no 39, Faulks Road, Aba,

National Gallery of Art, Umuahia

This art galleryhouses lots of artworks that depictthe cultural values, the history and lifestyle of the people of Abia state. If you want to know more about the people of Abia, then this is a place that you should visit.
Located at plot 42, Government Station Layout, Umuahia,

museum of arts Ariarai International
Market, Aba

This is big market place that trade take place, a lot of Nigerian visit this market for trade, from anonymous source that the market is among the biggest trade place in west Africa,

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Golden Guinea Brewery, Umuahia

Golden guinea brewery, although it has been said the places is no longer functioning, but the place is also among the tourist palace in Umuahia due to it’s building,

Jevenik, Aba

Javenik is a restaurant in Aba that are know for their good dishes, well popular places, they have all kind of dishes, well cooked meal, and respect there customer, this place is well known place,

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