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Top 10 real estate companies in Lagos


The real estate market in Lagos, Nigeria has seen a steady increase in the number of companies that have invested in it. The industry is considered to be a critical and vital sector of the economy.

The worldwide development of real estate has led to the increase in demand for properties and consequently, the need for property developers.

Nigeria is one of the countries that have seen the most development in this sector.

Some Real Estate companies are dedicated to providing solutions to the housing deficit problems faced by Nigerians through strategic innovations.

There are many different housing solutions which include building houses at a low cost, selling land at affordable rates, and providing adequate yet affordable housing.

However this article we are about to explorer some of the best real estate companies in Lagos,

Zylus group international

Zylus group international comprise of brokers and travel agency, this is the top notch real estate companies in Lagos, they offer good services to client, they have certified professional who are expert in finding the best real estate deals,

They have good reputation, no trace of any dispute,

Head office is located Lekki,

country hill

Country Hill Real Estate is the fastest growing real estate firm in Nigeria. the company provides luxury and affordable real estate services with platforms that provide guarantees that are as good as gold.

Based in ikeja

crystal tee square

crystal tee square offer a variety of services that can help you with your Real Estate needs. they main focus is to help people find their dream home and to help make it a reality.

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They offer services such as:

• Real Estate Development
• Real Estate Investment
• Home Renovations
• Property Management
• Building Designs
• Property Development
• Commercial Real Estate
• Other Services

primrose development company

primrose development company is real estate development company, with a global reach.

there are always been committed to providing a high level of quality service, and with our vast experience across the property development industry,

They have an international network of highly skilled, skilled and experienced architects and developers that can help you transform property into a profitable investment.

they have highly skilled management team that are capable of handling all the detail, from the initial site survey to the completion of a project.

They are able to handle the project from start to finish and will be there, on hand, throughout the development process.

Based in ikeja

Caldwell limited

Cadwell Limited, also a firm that has been in the game for two decades is unarguably one of Nigeria’s top Real Estate Companies.

With the hustle and bustle of the city centre, the firm has managed to emerge as the best in the business, winning the trust of many individuals, business partners and clients.

The company has a long and illustrious list of satisfied customers and has managed to give them a piece of the real estate pie.

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Whether you are looking for a place to call home or a business premises to grow your business, look no further then Cadwell Limited

Redbrick homes international limited

Redbrick homes international limited are committed to providing high-quality estate living for clients. They take pride in there work and it shows.

they developed a reputation for high-quality and innovative design. They’re much more than an interior design company.

There are team that provides our clients with a sense of comfort and peace of mind. So if you’re looking for a team of specialists, in realtor business find know one then Redbrick homes international limited

Prime water view limited

Prime water view limited has emerged as major property development in the luxury property development business of the Nigerian real estate market in recent years.

It has been quick to achieve this status through the use of various strategies in the market, key among which is the provision of high-quality infrastructure.

The property development company has produced a wide range of luxury apartments, villas, and commercial properties that are available in the market at affordable prices.

PWV Properties Limited is a leading property development company in Nigeria with properties in Lagos. They provide affordable luxury properties for people to enjoy.

Adron homes and property

Adron Homes and Property is regarded as one of the most reliable real estate firms in Nigeria due to its success story in the sector.

They aim to provide the best service to their clients by providing an excellent customer experience.

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property link real estate investment

Property Link is an international real estate company based in Nigeria, Dubai, United Kingdom, USA, among other countries.

They provide real estate financing and property development services to clients in all markets and sectors.

Their main focus is on connecting international clients with international properties in the UAE, UK and all other regions.

Sterling homes

Sterling Homes is a real estate agency that helps in the building and management of properties. They offer Lands and Housing Schemes in different areas such as:

• Rentals
• Mortgages
• Home loans
• Service charges
• Residential & commercial housing

• Sterling Homes provide complete solutions for properties, and their services are tailored to the needs of their customers.

• Selling a property is a big decision and with Sterling Homes, you can trust your property to the best.

• Sterling Homes are one of the leading companies in the real estate industry.

• Sterling Homes has a reputation of being reliable and trustworthy.

• Sterling Homes offer the best real estate solutions.

• Sterling Homes sell Lands and Housing Schemes in different areas

• They offer Residential & commercial housing

• They offer the best real estate solutions

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