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Top 10 Hotels In Nigeria

Nigerian Best Hotels And top rated Hotels


top 10 hotels in Nigeria

Hotels in Nigerian are been categories in many way, they are 3star, 4star, and 5star, other categories, when we talk of most beautiful also popular hotels in Nigeria, some might say how will it possible to rate hotels above other, matter of facts if you’re a hotels owner you can’t just argued you too, will know that yes these hotel or these particular hotel is better in term of certain Amenities.

In these article we’re going to highlight or mention some notable, most beautiful hotels within Nigeria, but the ranking may not accordingly, they’re some part of Nigeria that when go, you might think this is not Nigeria why? because of some hotels within the environment and other skyscraper buildings.

Below are top 10 hotels in Nigeria with their location,

Lagos Continental Hotel

This hotel is among the top rated hotels apartment in Nigeria, this hotels has a lot of features which are rooms, arguably they have highest rooms out of all hotels in Nigeria, they have highest standard rooms facility.

they have all type of foods such as intercontinental and African dishes, swimming, indoor and outdoor service are available, car hirer, light 24hours, tight security, they have highest visitor and highest booking history online, this hotel is located at likeja Lagos central.

Transcorp Hilton Abuja

Transcorp Hilton Abuja come second in this list, you can’t compered this hotel with other hotels in Abuja, this is top rated hotels in Abuja, the highest skyscraper buildings Abuja, we have written review about this hotel which you may like to read, click the link transcorp hotel Amenities

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Legend Hotel Lagos Airport, Curio Collection by Hilton

This hotel is a affordable hotels in Lagos, a comfort zone for comfort seekers, well Serena place to reside as visitor, as a tourist or a reasercher this is the best place for you to reside to carried your active,

they offer a lot of service such as swimming pools, indoor and outdoor service, car hirer, 24hours electric supply, room services and show room and lot of amenities, located at ikeja Lagos airport road.

Four Points by Sheraton Lagos

In normal circumstance hotels are not supposed to be rank above each other, this sharaton hotel draw my attention, because if mentioning hotels with out include sharaton hotel the list is incomplated.

Sharaton hotel is a 5star, a well serenity place like home, they have good standard service, they have multiple services which give customer a good satisfaction, room are very neat and the room are categories in different form, located at lekki Lagos

The Federal Palace Hotel

The Federal Palace Hotel is a solace place to book when visiting lagos, from the reviews we found from the recent visitors, are the place is has though you’re in your comfort zone, they treat they guest with respect and care,

The Federal Palace Hotel, there room services are also categories , indoor and outdoor service are available, free WiFi, free breakfast, swimming pools, conference hall and other services.

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Radisson Blu Lagos Ikeja

This hotel is located in main street with a story building of not less then ten, people often visit this hotel, from booking record, that is online book it has almost same figure with Sheraton,

Radisson Blu Lagos Ikeja is a top hotel in Lagos, it’s has a skyscraper scenery building lot of fun services are available, such as swimming pools, bar and resolt, foods both intercontinental and African dishes and other services such as indoor and outdoor service are available.

Adis Hotels Ibadan

This is top rated hotels in Ibadan, the hotel comprise of indoor and outdoor service,

service offer in this hotel are swimming pool, party area, show rooms, recreation center, free WiFi within the surrounding, free parking area, bar and resolt centre are available

Room Service are categories in different form such as studio deluxe, presidential suit and others as well, food are cooked in well clean kitchen, the hotel is affordable.

lilygate hotel

Lilygate hotel is multipurpose hotel situated in well conducive environment, free of noise pollution, this hotel could be the best comfort zone for comfort seekers,

from review found from recent visitors, hare is said “Lily gate hotel is very Exquisite, i lodged at the hotel last two weeks and their meals are very
fresh and nice. Then i lodge again yesterday
16th sep,2020 the breakfast are cool.WIFI
network very active”

from this comment one might look at hotel with well Modified services. Try visit this hotel

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Morning Side Suites

This is 9 best hotels out of 3,000 hotels in Nigeria what an achievement, Morning Side Suites is not a hotel alone a serene environment with good Accomodation services

service offer are African dishes and intercontinental dishes, bar and Resolt, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor service are available, see also list of beautiful traditional outfit in the world

Rooms are well decorated with lot of home theater system, each room has plasma TV, and dining room are also available.

Swiss International The Vistana

Swiss international is a 5star hotel located in Lagos, this hotel has many features that will be appreciated it, there are some review we wrote about this hotel you can click below link to read more

What Are Benefits Of hotels In The Society

Every one knows what hotels are, and service offers, Hotels are comfort zone for comfort seekers in term of Accomodation,

Hotels server has source of income and it reduce unemployment rate in the society, but many people used hotels illegally which they engaged them self in dirty activities which is prohibited by the society, which also harm they moral behavior why they couldn’t reflect.

Hotels beautify environment,

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