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Top 10 Best Hotels in Bayelsa State


Bayelsa state as lot to see, and we viewed it hotel are among the Amazing places in the state, we are going to look at some top ten hotel, which are well known by people, in this type of rating hotels some one might look at it has the ranking are not fear, the ranking are base on review not our own wish, and they rank some hotels among others doesn’t deteriorate or condemn the lower ranking has they are not up to the top ranking, we doesn’t look it that way,

Anyway let consider mention some ten top hotels in Bayelsa state

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peeben hotels

Off good news St, yenagoa, this hotel has many things to look, well conducive environment and swimming pools, parking area, hot meal and lot more, this is among the best hotels in yanegoa

EBIIS Hotel bayelsa, yenagoa

Winners Rd., off Isaac Boro Exp., Etegwe, Yenagoa, Bayelsa Yenagoa Etegwe, this is the second best hotels in state with highly home theater system, with good meal,

Elbabra hotel

Azikoro Street, 569101, Yenagoa, the hotel has well conducive environment, they entertained there guest well, with manner,

El-barbara hotels, yenagoa

39/41 Azikoro Street, Yenago 569101, Yenagoa,
It has free WiFi and conference facility, banquets

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The monalisa hotels and Suites

Saptex Rd, 569101, Yenagoa
Guest accommodations at Monalisa Hotels and Suites feature separate bedrooms. Separate bedroom. Nearby Activities. Recreational amenities at the hotel

Dantariz hotel LTD

Dantariz Hotel Limited is a 3 star hotel with quality affordable rooms for individual and group lodging, also offering steady room services and a lodge, Library street, off Green Villa Rd, Biogbolo

144 suites luxury hotel

144 suites luxury hotel opposite Asuefia hospital off , Baybridge Rd, Yenagoa, the feature are Amazing, you will love it, family size bedroom, recreational park, eatery and lot more

Latik hotel

Local Government Area, Inec Rd, 569101, Yenagoa, Features eatery, bedrooms, swimming pools, and lot more

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Ebitare hotel

Mbiama- Road, Yenezue-Gene, Yenagoa, this ia best favorite hotels due to it location, it has 3stire building, and conference room,

Peritemi hotels

This hotel has many feature, asRestaurant Adequate Parking, Luggage Storage, Flatscreen TV, Laundry, King sized bed, Air Conditioning
Proximity to Main Road, Bar, Shower and much more, 23 Imgbi Rd, Amarata, Yenagoa, Bayelsa

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