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Top 10 Best Hotel in bauchi state


As we all know that bauch is an Islamic town, because almost 100% of them are Muslim, But when some one talk about hotel bad tougth always came to people mind due to how people use it for illegal activity,

but let me highlights something to you, Hotel is not a bad place if you use it correctly, those that building hotel, there Aim is that they should Accomodate people that are visitor, and it also serve has source of income for some resident of that town. Let consider mention some ten top hotels in bauchi state

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Larema International Hotel

Address: Midwifery Rd, GRA Phase I 320108, Asaba,
This hotel is among the top best hotel in bauchi, well conducive environment and Modified structures, they welcome guest has you were known before,

Larema Hotel

Near larema international hotel, stete Avenue, bauchi, larema international and larema are like twins hotel very close to each other and they have similar future, one person it might be the owner of the both hotels.

Destination bauchi Hotel

Address: 8R67+QRH, 740102, Bauchi
This is best hotel so far at bauchi that you could visit with rest of mind, very calmed place to reside as a visitor, light 24hours

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Jamtari Hotel

Address: 8R76+74P, 740102, Bauchi
Also among the beautiful hotels in bauchi state which similar future with camera hotels

Riveredge Palace Hotel

Address: Kirfi Road, 740102, Bauchi
Well organize hotel with lot of home theater system

Sarauniya Suite

Address: Ahmadu Bello Way, 740102, Bauchi
Also among the beautiful hotels in bauchi state, in rating this hotel has almost 80%, due to it’s building and well conducive environment.

Pali Suite bauchi,

Ahmadu Belli way, bauchi
This is a suites where you will drink cow milk as a refreshment, and other drink, pali suits compres of eatery, foods

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Bagari suite

Address: Ahmadu Bello Way, 740102, Bauchi
Bagari suite also compres of eatery and African dishes,

Zaranda International Hotel

Address: 8Q7X+7MR, 740102, Bauchi
This hotel has lot of intercontinental dishes, well conducive environment,

chartwell And Suites

Address: Ahmadu Bello Way, 740102, Bauchi
Also best among best, visit chartwell suits, you will love it.

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