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Top 10 Best Hotel in Abia State


Top 10 Hotel in Abia State

this is a random ranking not base on better or beautiful one, we just pin point the best 10 Hotel/Guest house/Motel in Abia State, if you found your hotel or you know that we put some hotel that are not belonging to top 10 in the state, you will contact us via our Email address with prof, then will include it

El-Dorado Hotels

1 Diobu Avenue, Aba, Aba
Events, Party and clubbing center. This is one
of the popular event centers located in the
heart of the city of Aba, Abia state.

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Enitona Hotels

8 Margret Avenue, Aba, Aba
Big parking spare. Shawarma, Pizza and grills
are available. Power supply is constant. Good
customer service.

Hotel Du Golf

European Quarters, 1-3 Margret Avenue,
Old GRA Aba, well conducive environment. Good customer service, eatery and Accomodation,

The Addrex Hotel & Suites Aba

18 Opobo Rd, Ogbor Hill, Aba,
A good place to spend time, is a home outside your home Based on your specific needs,

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Evergreen Hotel

6 Umuola Rd, Ogbor Hill , Aba
A very good place to reside as a visitor, well nice environment, African Meals 2/4/7

Evergreen Hotel Umuahia

Umu Obasi Umuahia
Good hotel. Good dishes prepared

Rapha Hotel Umuahia

Affordable room rate and very clean. food there are very nice, restaurant close to the hotel. Root restaurant.

Terminus Hotel

246Azikiwe Rd, Aba,
This is really an old Hotel that have still
maintain good Standard. This Hotel is a
notable place, with swimming pool,

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Luxury City Royale Hotel

84b Aba-Owerri Rd, Aba, Aba
The location is good, the rooms and service
okay. There is also a swimming pool

Hotel Royal Damgrete 3.6

3/4 Factory Rd, Umu Obasi, Umuahia

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