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Top 10 Best Hotel, And places to live in Anambara State


Akwa, the city is not that big city, but with much to do and much to see, has a visitor or a passer by, and want to spend a night there, or need restaurant, here we bring to you the best ten hotel/motel/guest house in Anambara,

All the Hotels listed here have some of this futures we are about to listed below, All have well conducive environment to live, and chill, Some have swimming pools and others have African dishes(Meals), and eatery with beverages, . Note that this ranking are base on review, not to downgrade any Hotels or guest house,

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Jacob Becca Suite and Spa Odoakpu

Nicholla Suites & Garden Onitsha

Villa Grande Hotel Awka

Niger Heritage Hotel Onitsha

Beverly Hills Hotel Nnewi

Kinfac Hotel & Suites Ltd Onitsha

cihcotel classique hotel Awka

soprom hotel & Suites LTD Onitsha

Exotic Suites Onitsha

Golphin’s Suites and Hotel

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