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things Not to do in Niger state


things not to do in Niger state

Niger State as many ethics with with different culture, it will be had to pin point exactly what is there taboos due to the many ethics group, but we are to list some of what we found to be inappropriate to do in Niger state,

We will be talking base on ethics taboo and believe taboo, this article as been writing base on research work, not merely saying,

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In Niger state they don’t allowed consuming of alcohol in an open place, even though you secluded yourself and report has been had by Authority will be dealt with sevirele, So as a tourist, traveller, Student, You must abide by rules and regulations of a town, to avoid embarrassment and shame,

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In Niger state they do not allowed indecent dressing, or any other characteristics that does not match with their way of life, with will not be respect, So Avoid it,

in Niger state they don’t allowed prostitution, their formar governor, Engineer A.A Kure, have even canceled clubs, Prostitute house he has demolish it all around the state,

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In conclusion they don’t want to see you’re disrespecting elders, they are well cultured people and they love each Accomodating guests
Visit Niger state you will love it.

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