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the Top 10 hotels in kogi state


top 10 hotel in kogi

These hotels listed below are best among the best hotels in kogi state, there are many hotel in kogi, but these one listed here are not the best, but recommended by static review to fetch these 10 hotels to be best, but they might be hotels better than those we have mention below, if you thing the static are not correct according to you. You may make a correction by contacting the admin. Through contact bottom

Suitoria Hotel

Suitoria Hotel, you may likely to visit this hotel whenever you visited kogi state due to their multi-sevices, they have parking area, sweeming pool, very wide area, with meals and resort, bar, very Conducive environment. Located at the heart of lokoja,

Idrinana Hotels

Idrinana Hotel: this has has special kind of Africa dishes and their home town food, if you want to learn or see their home town food visit this hotel, its very nice hotel, a serene environment with good Accomodation services,

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Diato Hotels

Diato hotel located in an open environment, the are area is free smoke’s, well organize hotel with well Modified building, it has 3stire building, well modernize hotels, they always welcome they guests with lot of respect, features offer: are bar Resolt, free WiFi and conference room, also show rooms are available

Lisa Palms hotel

Lisa palms hotel: features are conference facility, modern cooking facility, Resolt, bar, light 24hours, security, gymnastics environment, well conducive environment and swimming pools, wide bedroom and lot more, very serenity place to leaves

May Treasure Resort Limited

May Treasure Hotel are very have very cheap price rate, and this doesn’t mean that is not well organize hotel, it doesn’t change its beautification, their have largest conference room in kogi state, they offer feature such as fresh salad, intercontinental dishes and Africa dishes as well, with lot security in the environment, each room has separate television networks, well Serena place to reside as a visitor. Located in lokoja

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Platinum Steel Hotel & Resorts

Platinum steel Hotel & Resorts: features offers has swimming pool party area, each room has separate television networks, bar, resorts, free WiFi and conference room, well Modified structures for good Accomodation services, good dishes and lot more

Hotel BlueBell

Hotel blue bell is well known place in lokoja, a lot of people always comes for good meal, they offer multi task services, in an affordable rate, they service are very cheap, this hotel is among the best looking hotels I lokoja, service offer are African dishes and intercontinental dishes, free parking area and lot more

Saatof Hotel and Suites

Saatof Hotel and Suites:features offer are African dishes and intercontinental, well conducive environment and swimming pools and fitness center, a serene environment with good Accomodation services.

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Prudent Hotels And Gardens

prudent Hotels and Gardens are senerity place to reside as couples for rejoicing has a new couples, feature offer are intercontinental dishes bar Resolt, and conference hall, swimming pools and fitness center also like that of saatof hotel, but the different is the environment,

Good Shepherd Motels

Good shepherd motels this hotel is not that big but believe me the structure will mesmerize you has though you are in UK, they offer feature such as free parking space, free WiFi and good dishes,

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