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The Top 10 hotels in Kaduna state


Kaduna is among the beautiful city in Nigeria, it has lot of infrastructure, we could confidently said that hotels are among the building that prosper a town, here will listed some best hotel in Kaduna state base on review.

Hotel Mussafir

This is amazing place to reside as a visitor it has lot of features such as swimming pools and fitness, Mussafir Hotel provides a comfortable setting while in Kaduna. It is conveniently located for those wishing to discover the area’s attractions.located at Constitution Rd. Kaduna

Asaa Pyramid Hotel

Assa Pyramid hotel has a beautiful looks, the hotel are good in Accomodation services and the room are very net, they have free WiFi and conference center, they have free parking area, big traders always visit this place for their good dishes and local dishes like tuwan masara and lot more, located at 13 Lafia Road

De Haven Suites

De Heven suites this is the best resolt centre in kaduna, they have lot of fresh artificial liquid, fresh salad and fresh Modified drinks, also have features like conference facility, free parking space, bed for one man, and also family size bedroom, this hotel a lot of people rate it has best place to spend your weekend with lot love one, smoke free area, located 5 Cameroun Road kaduna

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De Nevilla Hotel Ltd

De Nevilla Hotel has 3stire building, best hotel among others, it has a lot of features that you can even imagine, such, it has its location in a save place, You don’t to be worried about the place, it its and open place, it has bar and resort, Jim center, very wide rooms for Accomodation services and the room are very net. Located at 4 3, Kigo Road Kaduna

Crocodile Hotels and Restaurant

From the palatial entrance of our home-like Hotel to the Reception where you are warmly welcomed by our hospitable and well-trained front office staff, we make you feel at home and leave you with a long lasting memory. Our rooms are Exquisite, elegant and lavishly furnished for your pleasure, because business trips away from home requires rest in comfortable environments. The ambiance of the hotel is designed to give you excellent comfort. Located at 7B Kanta Rd, Kaduna

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Harisim Hotel

Harisim Hotel has been design to give best Accomodation ha though you are still in your comfort zone, very nice area, and good dishes, local and intercontinental dishes, well cooked and resort, the rooms are for familys due to its wideness, but they do not classified it, you can also book it alone, they have free WiFi, and home theater system and conference center, bar, and lot more, located in kaduna town

Bafra International Hotels Limited

Our Hotel is an ultra modern edifice and rooms structure with a taste of international standard. The configuration of various types and sizes of rooms are fully furnished and equipped to serve hotel needs and culture. The environment is aesthetically appealing and suggest extreme elegance, located at 11B Yakubu Avenue

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Chimcherry Hotel Limited

Chimcherry Hotel is among the best hotels with best Accomodation services, they have swimming pools and fitness center, free WiFi and conference center, fresh foods and resort located at 21, 21 Aliyu Makama Road

castle de white house hotel kaduna

castle de white house hotel kaduna this among the best hotel if not the best located at GRA it has net environment compare to other, well conducive environment and swimming pools and fitness, Jim center, well prepared food, but mostly intercontinental dishes, even in Governor’s office, they usually go there to have their meal, located at G.R.A, 9 Kwato Rd

Fina White House Hotel

Fina White Hotel is located in Kaduna, near Ahmadu Bello Stadium. The hotel features a restaurant, a bar and a swimming pool, free parking area, free WiFi and conference center

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