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The Best estate in Minna, Niger State


Minna is an urban Region that is conurbation Metropolises, it has lot of social activities within the city, they have lot of estates which we are about to figure out the best among the estate.

We’re all looking for the best place to live, and that’s why I’ve decided to share with you my top picks for the best estate to live in Minna.

First, I’ll tell you what to look for when looking for your perfect place to live, then I’ll give you a brief description of each area.

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Hopefully this will help you decide on the perfect place to live.

Below are the knows and the best real estate in Minna, they may be others which are not mention here, if you come across this article, and you know the excluded ones, you can let us know, by comment below

Lawo estate bosso

Lawo estate is situated in main town of bosso, though the place is very cool and friendly place to live.

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Talba estate

Talba estate is situated at Bida road, is the second largest estate in Minna. Is also a nice place to live.

M. I wushishi

M. I wushishi is situated at tunga axis, arguably its the largest estate in Minna, it also a nice place to live.

Boss estate

Boss estate is situated in bosso main axis, though the estate have not been fenced, it also among the largest estate in Minna, nice place to live

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FCMB Mortage

FCMB Mortage is located along Bida road, closed to Gurarra area, its also a nice place to live


Office No.A4 Opposite Abdulaslam Garage Tunga, Minna, Niger State, NIGERIA.

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