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Tabeer is a leading travel agency, providing the most comprehensive travel services for all your needs.

Tabeer offers a wide variety of travel services, such as city tours, attraction tours, sightseeing tours, holidays, and tours for family, friends and colleagues.

Tabeer tourism and travel agency is a certified travel agency based in Dubai operating other branches in Abu Dhabi and some part of the world, which include : Nigeria, Philippines, UK, US and Omen.

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Tabeer tourism and tour their aim is to make your journey less stressful, while they do the needful process in the term of preparing your visa,

Tabeer tourism are the top notch travel agency in term of booking, accomodation, process of issuing a Visa card, and other process if booking a domestic flight.

You will fell so safe to booked a ride with Tabeer the staff are very nice, all you need to do is to just submit your necessary requirements on flight ticket.

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Tabeer have been offering good services to people in term of any travel trip, whether you travel for leisure or business perspective, or other issue know to you, they will gladly arranged your journey in accordance with your budget

Your will have a seamless trip with Tabeer without no issues be encounter, their have group booking, which will be inform of tour.

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-Tabeer’s services meet your specific needs

-Tabeer offers a wide variety of travel services

-Tabeer’s service quality is unmatched

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