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State with highest number of hotels in Nigeria

Nigerian hotels with highest number of rooms


Which state has the highest number of hotels in Nigeria

Nigeria has many numerous number of hotels which served as source of employment, in this article we will listvsome state with the highest number of hotels, but before that let look at the impact hotels in environment,

Lot of Hotels in Nigeria has served lot of people with their daily bread, people earn they livelihood, and it also serve has development to the society, look at country like UK, USA has the most beautiful and also highest number of hotels.

Now let consider mention the topic above

Lagos has the highest number of hotels, which make Lagos state top the list, lagos is a business hub of Africa this make hotels in Lagos is more populated then other states, in an static review Lagos state has more then 3,000 then hotels.

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Abujamake it second on the list, Abuja the federal capital territory of Nigeria has the second highest number of hotels in Nigeria, Abuja has Approximately 400 hotels

Ibadan is also a business hub in Nigeria. it has title has The Largest city in Nigeria it has hotels worthy million, the number of hotels are over 400

Kano is also a business hub, and knows that when a place has a lot of buying and selling taking place, the resident will be increasing daya by day, and some will not reside there they do they business for some time and live, Hotels in kano state are more then 400

Enugu has number of hotels worthy thousands and these make Enugu top on the list

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Rivers has a most beautiful hotels, the highest number of hotels are not that much approximately thousands

Delta also top on the list, the number of hotels in delta state are more and more are awaiting to be completed

Cross Riveralso has hotels with approximately 120 hotels across the state

Kaduna has has more then 100 plus hotels which are worthy living

kwara has more then 90+ hotels

Akwa Ibom has 90 plus hotels

Imo has 90 plus hotels

these static state with the highest number of hotels are worthy reliable, because it has been review by many people, only number of the hotels are doubtful.

How much is hotels in Nigeria

Hotel price in Nigeria are base on location, there are some part of Niger where you will have hotel of NGN8,000 per night and some other places is NGN100,000 above, there’s a hotels in lagos which price is NGN150,000 per night,

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So if your are new to Nigeria know where to reside before starting your business or if you came for tourism, because there are some places in nigeria that you wouldn’t afford hotel room, due to highly price, there are some places in Nigeria that you will have a Hotels per night only for NGN3,500,

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