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S hotel is a new, innovative hotel in the heart of Taipei’s Central Business District.

The hotel’s unique design is unlike any other, and it’s the perfect place to stay for young urban professionals.

From single rooms to spacious suites, S hotel offers all the amenities you need to enjoy a comfortable stay.

S hotel is a Taiwan’s based company that creates and distributes luxury men’s apparel.

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S hotel has quickly become a cult-favorite brand. They’re known for their signature menswear and comfortable urban designs that appeal to people across the globe.

-S hotel is dedicated to making luxury brands accessible to millennials and the millennial generation

S Hotel feature amenities
S Hotels central location is perfect for exploring on foot, and our modern facilities will make you feel like you’re in your own home away from home.

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We have features from the best hotels in the world and are planning on expanding to Europe and beyond.

1. Free Wifi
2. Free parking
3. 24-hour reception
4. Pets allowed
5. 24-hour fitness centre
6. Breakfast included
7. 24-hour laundry service

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