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Real estate companies in Ghana


There are many real estate companies in Ghana, Accra who are providing great value to customers when it comes to accommodations.

There are many kinds of real estate properties that people can invest in.

This article is about providing information about the different types of real estate companies in Ghana, Accra, as well as what needs to be considered for when investing in real estate.

Something new in Ghanaian real estate is going on. These real estate companies are doing great work in providing accommodation facilities for people in Ghana.

They’ve been doing this for a while now and they are still going strong. There are many companies that provide accommodation facilities for people in Ghana.

In this day and age, there are many ways to earn money, and many ways to make money.

One of the ways to make money is through real estate. Real estate is becoming a more and more popular business especially in developing countries like Ghana.

In this article, we will be taking a deep-dive into the real estate business in Ghana.

With this article, you will be able to learn about the different companies that have earned it and are still earning it.

Below are well known real estate companies in Ghana

Gold Key Properties Limited

Gold Key Properties Limited is one of the leading real estate development companies in Ghana.

They have won numerous awards, including winning the Best Real Estate Development Company of the Year Award in Ghana in 2017,

the Best Real Estate Development Company of the Year Award in the West Africa Region in 2017, and the Best Real Estate Development Company of the Year Award in Ghana in 2018.

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• They offer a wide range of housing options including luxury apartments, townhouses, and high-end homes.

• They offer relocation and house-hunting services.

• They offer community and luxury facilities.

• They offer affordable and affordable housing options.

• They offer various consultancies, such as the design of the house and the layout of the area.

• Their amenities include satellite TV and an internet connection.

• Their team is experienced and well-trained.

Clifton Homes

Clifton Homes Real Estate is an award-winning builder with a superb track record. Our goal is to provide you the best and most unique homes on the market.

The standard in new homes, Clifton Homes homes are built to provide the best possible home-building experience.

The design process is intensive, and the construction process is meticulous.

We provide builders with a variety of options for home financing, and our market-leading customer service and payment plans are designed to make it possible for everyone to get into the home of their dreams.

Whitewall Properties Limited

The main objective of Whitewall Properties is to provide the best apartment homes for the high-end Ghanaian market.

With serviced apartments in the best areas in Ghana and quality of life at the highest standards, Whitewall is the perfect solution for people who are looking for nothing but the best.

Whitewall is a real estate agency that works with the local market and is dedicated to creating a world-class real estate experience in prime locations around Accra.

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Denya Developers Limited

Denya Developers is one of Ghana’s most popular high-end residential real estate developers, known for their market-leading ten-year warranties and expertise in developing the best high-end residential properties in Ghana

Denya Developers offers a diverse range of high-quality residential projects and services, from affordable, medium-density developments in the capital to luxurious, luxury hotels in the country’s most prestigious locations.

Primrose Properties

We have the expertise in this industry and know how to create a structure that is not just affordable but also sustainable.

Primrose offers a wide range of services that are only limited by your imagination. For example, we can provide you with a master plan with the projected costs of the development before you start, or we can take care of all the design, development, and construction. We can also help you with all the legal and tax issues that come with any new project.

Earlbeam Realty

Earlbeam Realty is an estate company that has a wide variety of properties in some of the most sought-after locations in Accra, Ghana.

These projects are upscale and include award-winning designs and quality construction. They have projects within East Legon Hills, East Legon, Dzorwulu and Dodowa.

Earlbeam Realty is here to offer you the opportunity to experience luxury living.

Lakeside Estates

Lakeside Estates is popular for its nice and affordable residential facilities. Lakeside Estates is a member of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association.

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It is located in the suburbs of Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The community is just a stone’s throw from the Accra-Kotoka International Airport and is only minutes away from the Accra Mall.

Lakeside Estates is a residential project that has a mix of modern apartments and houses designed by highly respected architects and is located near a number of places of interest.

Rehoboth Property Limited

Rehoboth is a wholly Ghanaian-owned real estate company founded in 2012. It has successfully developed properties that include a golf course, hotel, and a shopping mall.

Now, Rehoboth has announced plans to develop a number of riverside properties along the Volta River, creating a world-class destination for tourism in the region.

Properties Portfolio Ghana

Property Portfolio Ghana is an international real estate firm that offers a wide range of services to both the public and private sectors.

We provide a range of commercial, residential and investment properties, as well as brokerage services. Our goal is to make property transactions easy, effective and enjoyable.

ToBlues Properties Limited

ToBlues Properties Limited offers clients the best in construction, property renovation and property management.

You can expect professionalism and flexibility with our contractors.

Our team is skilled in all aspects of property management and construction.

We provide an experience that is customized for your needs.

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