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Murtala Park Minna

Murtala amusement park minna


Murtala park Minna

Murtala Amusement park is one of the top show places in minna, the capital city of Niger state, there are a lot of things to do,

though its not a park where car are parked but a amusement area where you find solace within the environment

in this article we will be highlighting some features or things you will find within, and how or when this place is upon for rejuvenation,

Murtala park is not a hidden place in Minna but for a visitor would like to know the location and how safe is the place when activities are at it peak

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Murtala park is located at justice legbo Kutigi road also closed to government house, these are notable places within the environment for you to identity quickly.

Now let look at what is the main activities going on and amenities you will find within the place

there are many things you will do within the places, but let look at some major event that took place every year at Murtala park. Which are

In term of festive period such as Muslim festival and christian children and adult go there for rejuvenating for a festival, some of the event that took place are

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Children’s playing with artificial lion, Elephant, and others wide animals clothes,

show ground all lot of amusement

Show rooms, watching of movie’s

recreation center and caterian food, spices food,

Horse riding competition

Swimming pool party

There are also activities that took place also yearly, which are

Children’s orientation

parade ground, tables tennis, also basket ball

you can find a lot of activity arround the park,

But some time they used to face security challenges, when ever there have big occasion going on sometimes hoodlum usually attack each other which result in scattered of the occasion.

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can individual booked murtala park

Yes, actually you can booked Murtala park for a occasion or conference meeting and lot of that, Murtala park was a amusement center established by the state government which give every body opportunity to booked.

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