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Kaduna race course New Look of Murtala Muhammed Square Kaduna


Murtala Square

Kaduna state is among the fastest growing region in northern part of Nigeria, in every aspect of life, such infrastructure and recreation center, Here is another recreation center been renovated by their state government, now back to our topic of the day.

Murtala square is among the top leading recreation center in Nigeria with lot to see, Now as a visitor or a tourist here is the best comfort zone, a solace place to have your fun and other activities,

Murtala square is place of fun and also a tourist spots for every Nigerian or outsider to visit, you would see alot Fun been played around the square, No security challenges, No tug life, they display a lot of fun activities which you can also partake, but some people like to watch especially those who are not from the town.

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Murtala park has been in existence for long which people visit in festivals period, especially children and pre-adult, though children love fun because that is source of happiness to them and for the parents. In term of festival people visited Murtala park the most, though they do visit some time for tourism purpose, and for recreation. This place also make Kaduna a tourism places, School also take students their for tourism and research, Located near Kaduna north.

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What are displayed Fun In Murtala square

Murtala square served as a recreation center for both tourism and research, and it was created the dominant of the place and visitor’s as well, below are few displayed games and what you could found within the sorrouding.

Over time, the facility has become a complex
which host the following game’s

Standard Olympic-size swimming pool

Diving pool

Two hockey pitches,

Volleyball courts

Handball courts

Basketball courts

Cricket pitch

Traditional sports venue

Tennis courts

Football pitch


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Taekwondo centre

Race course

Auditorium for multipurpose sports and events.

they are some additional facilities which has been added to me the international standards of recreation center, and a tourist places for international occasion, which are

conversion of Yar’adua Indoor Sports Hall to a Conference Hall

Remodelling of Olympic Size Swimming Pool

Diving Pool and Diving Platform


conversion of Pavilion to Boutique Hotel and Tech Hub

Natural Grass Pitches

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