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Jamal Prestigious Guest Inn

solace and comfort are two words interchangeable when it come to Accomodation. Are you a trader, traveller or a tourist, and you’re stacked in town of Kontagora and doesn’t know where to reside, Vbscriptblog is your best places to know venue and best hotels in each town or city around the world,

Here we bring to you a comfort zone that you will fill has though you are in your comfort zone, the best hotels and also affordable with good Accomodation services his here,

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Jamal Prestigious Guest Inn is multipurpose hotel situated Kontagora town with lot of Accomodation services such as swimming pools, indoor and outdoor service are available, car hirer, car wash, 24hours electric supply, the hotels is located in a well ventilated environment, free WiFi, free parking space, and lot more

Room service and room price

in Jamal Prestigious Guest Inn rooms are categories in different form such as mini standard rooms, deluxe studio space, presidential suit, the bed size are King size bedroom, and other sizes as well. Each categories has his own price but the prices are range from NGN8,000 to up wards per night base on the room

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Food services or kitchen services

Food in Jamal Prestigious Guest Inn are well prepared, no leftovers foods are served in that hotel, they have both intercontinental and African dishes, food available are tuwan rice, rice, and the food are very delicious

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