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ibis Lagos airport hotel


Ibis Lagos Airport Hotel is a 3-Star hotel located at35/37 Murtala Mohammed International Airport Road, Ikeja, Lagos

ibis Lagos Airport offers a lot of service, the room are furnished with home theater system and conference facility, free WiFi free parking space, bar, Resolt, swimming pools and fitness center, concierge services, dry cleaning, car hirer, indoor and outdoor service are available,

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ibis Lagos Airport hotel is among the top rated hotels in Lagos, this hotels is located in serene environment with good Accomodation services, the place is well secured, 24hours electric supply, it also well guard with security personel,

ibis Lagos Airport hotel, the rooms are categories in different form, each has his price, you can only see the prices chat, when you visit the hotels,

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is ibis Adhere couple friendly

Yes ibis Lagos Airport hotel welcome guest regardless of the status, this hotel is very friendly to everyone.

who is the owner of ibis Hotel Lagos

Olufemi Okenla an entrepreneur

iblis hotels contact number /iblis airport hotel phone number

As a hotels normally some time they don’t have one phone number, they will be marketer, SEO, and also some prominent staff.

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