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How to become your own boss


How to become your own boss

this article comprise of many things we are about to speak on, at certain stage in your life, your may likely to become something? Yes this is true fact, but the way situations are now, although we might not be thesame all.

Especially in a poor background challenges in every way of life due to poor background, that’s why you will see some people engaged them self in hard labour?

But let me tell you a fact hard labour can make you a successful in life rather ruin or absorb your energy. As a graduate or undergraduate or as literate you doesn’t need to kill all your energy in doing hard labour, although you can do it for a while to gather some money to start a small business.

You might see many people in business, and you are wondering how this person gather such a huge amount of a money, some will even be having bad thought about the person. Although they might be some who are guilty.

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in this article I will be given a step by step guide on how to start a small business and the strategies.


When heard about business what really comes to your mind? in simple language business are changing of goods, or trading of goods in other to make profit.

Now I will lists of small business to start with little amount

POS business

Although to some people they will still fine this POS business very complicated to them? Due to very poor background. But don’t give up, you can still do it, here is some analysis to start.

this analysis is for NGN70,000 start up.

in a nutshell, buy terminal(POS machine) Worthy NGN25,000

Do small flyer worthy NGN2,000

find a better location to reside with someone inside a shop, now you haven’t pay for kiosk and location,

Now settle down and start you own business

I know some people who will have better amount then the one I analyze.


Data vendor business

This is even more cheapper in time of start up then POS, you only need NGN60,000 to start a data vendor business, .

some doesn’t know how go in to this business, but it’s simplest business.

what you need to do? Is that consult a website creator like me as an example, we can make your website ready within a week, then advertise it on Facebook and other platform, from their you will be having people registered as a reseller, also you will be convincing that yours is very cheapper by making it so.

learn how to write book, copywritter,

This one doesn’t needs any amount to start, as an literate, any will be dedicated reading books, from their you gain some experiences, to start you own, you might ask how then will I gain profit from it,?

you can sale your books online without publishing a hardcopy. On Amazon

companies may request from you to write reviews for their product, also blogger may give you topics to write about it.

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recharge card printing business

Although this business is not that profitable but you may gain something to depends. You only need NGN30,000 to start this business, You doesn’t need shop this business, if you can’t afford a shop, you can do it inside your house, people will be familiar with your house,

buy buy printing machine is worthy NGN25,000 and buy A4 paper 1 rim and start your business.

Affiliate marketing

This is little bit hard I will not advice you to go in to this business as a begineer, but those who are expert have no reason to worry, but you to can do it, by advertising a product in social media platform,

this list is endless we stop here for now, you can contact us about any business strategy

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