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Gurara water fall

All what you need to know about Gurara water fall


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Gurara water fall is situated in Gurarra local government of Niger state, a comfort place for both tourism and research, normally this place is a natural water fall which has a beautiful landscape, the water fall from the top is approximately 107 meters.

Gurara water fall is a tourism places in Niger state which student and other visitor usually go for a research also for amusement,

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In Gurara water fall there is a place where wide animals are conserved for a studies,

Gurarra water fall is a tourism management which government used to generate income, because you need to pay before entering.

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Some fun things to see in Gurarra water fall

Resolt and bar

Natural decorated environment


wide life

Despite its chequered history, Gurara Waterfalls is one of the major tourist sites in Nigeria. There have been plans in recent times to turn it into a resort with a recreation centre and a seven-star hotel around it.

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