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Goldlux hotel Agege, lagos


Goldlux Hotel is situated at 293, Old Ipaja Road, Opp NYSC Camp, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos, this hotel is among the top hotels in ikeja, they are the best friendly hotel /resolt,

Goldlux Hotel, they room are categories in different form such as standard rooms, premium room, Mini suit, suits and business exucative, each room are have standard amenities, such TV, Bedroom base of the size of the room, bathroom and air-conditioning, and lot more, both indoor and outdoor service are available,

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they are very neat, delicious food for Africa and intercontinental dishes, bar and resort are also available,

Goldlux Hotel has well conducive environment and swimming pools and fitness center, this hotel is more than hotel alone, it honor guests with maximum respect,

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Goldlux Hotel, is a affordable hotels, and a destination for comfort seekers, they services also include dry cleaning, concierge services, car hire and lugaged service, 24hours electric supply, this hotel is also open for your needs.

Goldlux Hotel and resort

The prices are range base on the arrangements of the rooms, you can be expecting the rooms to be thesame amout while they are categories. You can book the hotels when arrived

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