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Gani yearly cultural festival, kutigi


About Gani Cultural Festival

This is a three days lively festival of the Kutigi people in Lavun local government area of Niger state, Nigeria celebrated annually to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad.

The cultural festival usually commenced with drummers dancing their way to the residence of the village head popularly known as Ezanuwa to authorise the takeoff of the festival.

This usually comes before the entertainment eve where all kinds of musicians display their potentials to the cheer of the spectators.

On the main festival day which is usually on the
12th of Rabiul Awwal of the Islamic calendar , the youths of the village parade the community amidst dance and lively music and with scarves designed by the young ladies of the community. All find their ways to the Kutigi township stadium where guest and others spectators are already waiting.

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Activities to be performed in the stadium include horse riding, the riding takes off from the stadium to Tako Tsowako neat Toro River , each rider put his flag when he gets there before riding back to the stadium, there are also various cultural music displays from the Ntakogi (forestry) group, Takar dance group, Zannabi dance group, Majin Lubasa (onion growers) group, Lavun cultural Troupe, hunters group and others, and finally the appearance of Ndakogboya Emidawu masquerade who is believed to sanctify the community of evils.

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Having done this the Zanna and his royal council storms the stadium to declare the event open.
This cultural festival also allows the parades of
young unmarried ladies with the aim of creating an avenue for interaction between young men and female for marriage purposes.

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The grand finale is the wrestling on the Gani field which attracts the presence of the Ndako Gani (Prince of Gani), while the princess known as Sagi of Gani aid the women in the cooking .

Citizens, in-laws, friends and well-wishers return home to partake in the cultural festival and also as a time to meet with their loved ones.

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