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do you need a passport to travel within Nigeria

Traveling within Nigeria


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do you need a passport to travel within Nigeria

people travel for several reasons within Nigeria, though traveling is a good career to pursue, because with traveling you will lern alot of new things, such as knowledge, expirances, intellect and more.

But make sure you have reasons for your traveling. Traveling within Nigeria I don’t thinks there are rules governing the activities of traveller talkless of of passport.

in this article we will be talk how to have a safe trips when traveling within Nigeria, From the topic above’ traveling within Nigeria doesn’t required any passport but there are some places in Nigeria some states like Borno, you must show your National identity card(NIN) in a checking point govern by army’s before entering the state,

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though all state in Nigeria has checking point, which armies usually search before entering, they do this to prevent insecurity, which is the main things that is rampade within Nigeria,

could it be possible to for a visitor to travel within Nigeria without NIN

if your are a tourist from another country this article will explain in details how you can travel to any path of Nigeria without NIN

Nigeria as a country love to received a visitor’s they doesn’t care what type of skin colour or what path of the world are your from, they will offer you a good hospitality,

But for you to travel within Nigeria you need to focus and be vigilante because there a lot of group of whose there aims is to snatched your wealth or do otherwise to you.

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that’s why in Nigeria they don’t encourage someone to take a drive with someone you doesn’t know, or to even booked a car not from the car park it will lead you to something else

safety way for tourist

As a tourist or who visit a place unknown to you we will like to have some guardians that’s first safety

don’t look in to thing which the guardians of that place didn’t assign for you to view

in traveling challenges do to security challenges that Nigeria is facing, you need to be traveling by day

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things used in Nigeria for traveling within the states

In Nigeria there are a lot lot of means of transportation which are all safe, but some of the transport carriers don’t go to some of the states

if you’re in Abuja you can travel to Lagos by Air, train, motorcycle, and vise versa,

in Kaduna you can travel to all path of the country with train and other means, also in Lagos,

But there are some path of the country that you only travel to with motorcar

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