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Cavalli hotel suites

Cavalli hotel suites offer a good Accomodation service and higgenic foods


Cavalli Hotel is situated in Benin city, a well serene environment, a comfort zone for a comfort seekers, they offer a lot of service which will Amazed you

Cavalli hotel is among the top rated hotels in Benin city, the waitress and waiter’s are well respected towards guest,

this hotel is one among the 3 Star Hotels but act like there are five star hotels, good services, well conducive environment to stay.

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Some of the service are, Rooms are available for every categories, such as deluxe studio, presidential suit, and other services such swimming pools, bar, resort, free WiFi, free parking area, show rooms, living room each as a plasma TV, there have discount for every first booked you made, free breakfast once, tighted security, light 24hours electric supply.

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Fooda are cooked in a well ventilated environment, no contaminated dish serving, highly higgenic foods, they have both intercontinental and African dishes. Both indoor and outdoor service are available,

Prices of Cavalli Hotel

The price of rooms range base on category of room you booked, prices range from NGN6,000, NGN8,000 per night, but this price may not be tally due to inflation rate of Nigeria situation,

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