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Brighter Suites Minna

Are you a traveller or a tourist, or business man and you are in the capital city of Niger state but you don’t know where to reside, Here we bring to you the best comfort zone that you will never tired off,

Brighter Suits is among the top rated hotels in Minna with best Accomodation services and social amenities needed, you will never regret booking this hotel, nevertheless this hotels has the most precious architect construction and design, well modernize hotels room are well neet.

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From some of the reviews we found about this hotel, some people said if you’re in the room it has though you’re in your comfort zone, no different, wow what an amazing looks,

And many things you don’t know about this hotel is that the security the place is well tight, in fact no security challenges in that area, the waitress and other staff honor their guests with maximum respect,

this hotel is located in well conducive environment and senerity as though is it a matrimonial home which lovers really appreciate other, its located at western bypass by Mandela road, Minna south

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Services offer in Brighter suits

In Brighter suits they offer guest the best of service such as swimming pools, indoor and outdoor service, well preserved foods both intercontinental and African dishes, room are range base on your affordability, but no matter how low your income is they will still find your budget, hall, show rooms, car hire, car wash, and lot more , we only mention but few,

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Try visit brighter suits and see for your self. If you have been coming to Minna and you book other hotels and you haven’t visit brighter suits try at least ones and see the different,

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