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Best places to stay in minna


Minna is the capital city of Niger state, the town as a lot of activity within and out side the town, such as business, and government worker, but that is not what we are about to discuss,l.

in this article we will explain to you some notable area to reside or to booked while coming to minna, or your might want to packed to Minna with your family and your doesnt know which area is the best and save to live in.

Don’t got scared we are here for you to bring to you some best places and save places to buy land or estate to reside.

gbeganu and Gurarra Axis

These areas are very close to each other, normally the prices of rooms in this two axis are cheaper, and it has been term one of the best and safest place to buy land or rent a house,

these two Axis have all social amenities needed for day to day activities, Although they don’t have banks closed, unless you go to town , this is most cheapest place to reside, both they have schools and football field.

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Brighter and Mandela Axis

This place could be the most expensive place to stay in Minna, although it may not be for some people who’s pucket is well fulled. This place is located at Minna south very closed to city center

they have all what man needed for day to day activities, like school, mini market and restaurant bank are not too far from the area, even the name brighter got it name from well known school in that area, they have good road and security, some axis of this area are even have gate before you should inside.

Barikin sale and kpakungu

I don’t think in kpakungu you will have land to buy, but you can still stay or reside there, to rent a house or room is affordable in this region but the areas are filled, well occupied with people, a lot of activities are going on in this area, in kpakungu you do not need to go any place to buy foodstuffs, because almost 100% of them are engaged in business, almost every conner of this places they sale foodstuffs.

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even in Barikin sale foodstuffs stuff are abundant, you can find it every places, and this two areas have schools and and high school, this place is term has business unit of Minna, unfortunately you couldn’t find banks in these area, but another good news bank are not too far from them, highest it will be 10 minutes away from bank area,

in Barikin sale you can find land to buy, build and reside with comfort, but for you to know some things strange about these areas, they are very occupied then the all district in Minna, located in Minna south.

Dutsen kuran Gwari padukwai axis

These two are are well develop but you will have land to buy Or houses or rooms for rent. Land, houses, and rooms in these two areas are not that expensive also not in cheap rate, they are in moderate. Minna at large is not too expensive compare to others capital city of Nigeria

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these places have schools, but no bank’s, you we will have bank not too far away from the area.

Below are some real estate agent in Minna

Mx Properties

Off Western By-Pass, opposite NNPC
Mega Station

Alh. Abbas Banihashim Estate

Yel Estate Agent

Brain Real Estate & Investment Ltd

El-Nasir & mam global services

Industrial real estate agency, beside imani specialist hospital

BookNowNow Nigeria

Real estate agency,
federal university of technology

Lawali Investment

Real estate agent
Old High Class
Royal Estate Agent & Properties
Estate appraiser

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