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Best places to live in Abuja


Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria with a beautiful landscape, and a lot of job opportunities with business premises and the city has a well favorable weather condition any one can reside in Abuja regardless of their health status,

Abuja is a city of respect, a dream of Nigerian and across the globe to visit, the place can be very expensive or cheaper depending on your level of your life style.

in this article we want to list some of the best places, safest, to live or reside in Abuja, also as a visitor or tourist there are many best hotels we found for your Accomodation services.Click the link below to and see top hotel Hotels in Abuja


If you are looking for a best place to stay, it will be Maitama, it has good road and security. This list will not be completed without mention Maitama,

Maitama has security and the land are well Modified natural, it has good supply of water, also you can have your own borehore yourself, it has good road,

Maitama is luxury place to leave, you can stay in Maitama with peace of heart, no tension will disturb your heart,Although is the most expensive place to live in Abuja.


Asokoro is one of the most expensive place to stay Abuja, and Nigeria at large. The place has a good well Modified road and the road are very wide,

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For you to rent a house or room in Asokoro and you don’t have enough money, it will better for you to reside another place, because room are high in price not as you expect, Although the real estate are worthy the amounts.


Arguably Jabi and Maitama we don’t know which one will be more expensive, but at time you can have some luxury place to stay, and enjoy your life, the costly of this two places will give you a better experience of Luxury living.

Jabi has greenish flower and natural tree planted all over the district. being close to all the happening places in Abuja from Wuse to Gwarinpa to the Central Business District .

Almost needs (i.e Amenities) for living can be found in Jabi. It has lake, mall hall banks, schools and lot more


Gwarinpa is a well populated place, commercial activity takes place within the district, this make the place more attracted to business owner who are coming to Abuja for business,

Matter of fact Gwarinpa has everything needed to living, you do not need to go some where else to purchase anything, it has all social amenities needed for man to live. This morning place is located away 20 minutes from the city center.

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Wuse is district of rejuvenating, a lot of hotels, motel, guest house, clubs, and night life, this place we be better for Accomodation for younger generation those who love flexing,

you do not need to go any place for your daily need, there are always behind your door step. Although Wuse land and property is not too expensive compare to others with mention above


Logokoma is newly development area in Abuja, but this those not change the fact that the place as not amenities required for day to day activity’s,

lokogoma, the land and properties are affordable, if you are looking for the best affordable places it will be Logokoma


Jahi is a develop district between Gwarinpa and katampe, Due to its developing nature, for a phase 2 neighborhood, real estate here is moderately priced. However, with earmarked governmental infrastructure works commencing soon, prices are almost certain to rise. So buy while you still can.


App is among the fastest developing district in Abuja, it has top best real estate agent, apo has many social amenities needed for daily activity’s

Although apo is new building area, but people usually rent or buy property the most around this area,

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life camp

Life camp is a leafy, easily accessible and
upmarket area of Abuja phase 3. It is a suburban
neighborhood with all the qualities families would
look for in an area.

The neighborhood hosts the official residence of the FCT Minister and houses some of the most
contemporary and expensive homes in the city.


Lugbe is among the most affordable places in Abuja, lugbe has everything you need for daily activity’s,

lugbe is the fastest growing district, anyone can afford property in lugbe, commercial activity takes place within the district.

If you are in lugbe you do not need to go any other district for schooling, buying of foodstuffs and lot of human needs for day to day activity.


Dawaki is quit some how expensive, Dawaki is close to center of Abuja town,

Dawaki sits along the Kubwa-Gwarinpa expressway and is a short distance from Katampe Extension (diplomatic zone). The main drawback to living in Dawaki, is that it is not yet fully established. As such, the infrastructure present may not be as good as some of the other places mentioned.

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