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Best places to live in Abeuokuta

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Best place to live in abeuokuta

Beyond the meaning of the name, Abeokuta is a cool place to live. you have lots of fascinating views that will attract your eyes and stimulate your mind.

In this article we will mention the five best
places to live if you ever find yourself in Abeokuta.

While there are more livable locations in Abeokuta, these five are the ones we consider the best. Let’s take a look.

Ibara Housing Estate

Ibara housing estate is the top in the list for everyone wants to live in Abeokuta.

It is difficult to get more beautiful and serenity place than Ibara in all of Abeokuta. This is the
place where the top government officials and the highly wealthy people reside

The governor’s lodge and many top hotels are situated in Ibara which makes it the neighbourhood of the highest value in Ogun State.

More so, it is close to the popular Omida
market. This means you can easily get anything you want in minutes. As a place for the rich, it has well laid out transport routes for ease of transportation. By ipassbynegbour

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This is a Amazing place for singles and young families. This part of the city is very vibrant and has the elements of wealth and functionality

You can see young men and women leaving their various homes for work every morning. The scene is entirely different at night. Those who you saw leaving for work are back at night.

However, they are not back at home. They take their evening rest at bars and restaurants. Oke-Ilewo is good for you if you want a good mix of city life. Aside from the vibrancy of this part of Abeokuta, it is also a business hub for top organisations.

Several banks are located here. The Central Bank of Nigeria also has a branch here in Oke-Ilewo.

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Asero Estate

Asero is situated along the Abeokuta- Ibadan expressway. You can hardly come across illiterates in this part of Abeokuta as two of the most prestigious academic institutions in Ogun State are nearby.

The Federal University of Agriculture and The Federal College of Education are both located close to Asero. These two institutions also make Asero a very lively place to live as the students contribute to the lifestyle of the neighbourhood.

Asero is also popular for its Kemta Adire and Farmers markets. This is great for those who prefer to buy and consume fresh food items, as well as those who love the traditional Abeokuta clothing – Adire.

Laderin Estate

This rapidly developing residential estate is located along the newly dualised Abeokuta – Shagamu expressway.

Laderin is home to both the Hilltop Estate and the Mandate Estate. This is a rapidly developing estate that has been well planned for both the present and future generations.

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Young families are rapidly occupying space here. It promises to be the ultimate residence in Abeokuta when every parcel of land is built.

Federal Housing Estate Olomore

This estate completes our list because it is the perfect location for the mid-income man. At the
entrance of the estate, you can see filling stations and ongoing trades.

It has a local market for cheap items and price negotiations for deals. The cost of securing a housing unit is also considerably lower than in any of the four locations above.

We recommend this estate for mid-income families and young men who are just starting their lives.

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