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Beni Hotels

Beni Hotel located at 11/13 Wiwo Onatere Street, off Broad Street, Marina, Lagos. The are many things you need to know about this hotels, the most precious prosper hotel, best among the best of hotels in at logos island, let quick lot at some of it Amenities, and services offer,

in Logos island there are many hotels with same indoor and outdoor service but the how the customer comfort the guest matter and the environment,

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services offer are : room are categories in different form such as Mini standard, deluxe and exucative, each room are well furnished with home theater system, such as air conditioner, TV, wardrobe, referegerator and a modern bath room,

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A varieties of local dishes and intercontinental dishes are available, swimming pools and fitness center, bar and resort, and lot more

Beni Hotel prices and services

Below are price chat of beni hotel. Above as you Read above that the hotels room are categories you can expect the prices should be the same, the hotel is among the cheapest hotel in Lagos island, the prices are range from NGN8,500 up ward,

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