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Airport view hotel is a budget hotel situated at Dr Amilcar Cabral Rd, Accra, Ghana. The hotel is among the top notch hotel in Ghana, it has amazing structures and services.

Airport View Hotel is an award winning service provider that has been ranked among the top-rated hotels in the Ghana.

guests experience an unforgettable stay each time they visit .

Airport View Hotel is a historic hotel that has been serving the world for over two decades.

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Their award-winning service delivery and contribution to the development of tourism have made Airport View Hotel to be one of the finest best hotels in Ghana.

There are an indigenous hospitality center of excellence in Ghana. There are a company that specializes in providing hospitality services to the global market. Airport view hotel have everything you need to run an unforgettable business.

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• Quality accommodation
• A wide range of services
• Expert staff
• A strong heritage
• A unique business concept

The airport view hotel is the perfect accommodation for business travelers who want to stay close to the airport.

Airport view hotel offers a variety of amenities to keep guests happy and satisfied throughout their stay.

Some of the amenities are:
• Complimentary WiFi throughout the property
• Complimentary breakfast
• Free parking
• Free local calls
• Free high-speed internet
• An outdoor pool
• A 24-hour fitness center
• 24-hour business center
• 24-hour restaurant
• Free Wi-Fi
• Laundry service
• On-site restaurant
• Complimentary airport transfers

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