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African Cities that Will Change The Face of Africa when Completed


African cities that will change the face of Africa when completed

Amazingly Africa continent is developing gradually, but you might not seen the development when you’re kind of person that complain a lot, some favor of your lord you may not be visible too. If your are to look back then when we have almost nothing like development in Africa,

Africans are blessed with lot of natural resources, But in this article we are about to discuss on development and some under construction cities across Africa, if when completed it will be a lot of beautification and a something of honor to African countries.

Before we should start by mention or list the cities and the countries there are located, let look at at some known facts, if your where to ask which city is the most develop cities in Africa? Without doubt Dar Es Salaam is one of the most developed cities in Africa, but from some fact we found that if any of these under constructed is completed Dar Salaam can compete with any of these cities, only what Dar salaam will brag about is land mass.

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for me not to take of much of your time, below are the under construction cities that will change the face of Africa when completed and the countries there are located. We hope they should be completed.

Egypt New Administrative Capital

Area mass 714 km²

Country :Egypt

The new administrative capital, east of Cairo , is located in the area between Cairo-Suez Road and Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road. The site is about 60 km from both the cities of Suez and Ain Sokhna,
and the heart of Cairo.

Eko Atlantic city

Country: Nigeria

City: Lagos

Eko Atlantic is a marvel of modern engineering and technology, and a testament to the rise of Nigeria on the world stage.

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This new city has evolved rapidly from a visionary design concept into a technological reality. Infrastructural road works and underground surface drainage pipes are already laid along major routes across the new city. All bridges in Phase 1 & 2 of the project have been
completed. And the Great Wall of Lagos sea revetment, which is being built more than two kilometres offshore at eight- and-a-half metres above sea level, has surpassed 6 kilometres in length and is now protecting over 6 million square metres of Eko Atlantic and Victoria

Centenary City

Country: Nigeria

City: Abuja

The city is to be built from scratch on 1,260
hectares of virgin land located several kilometers
southwest of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja and five
kilometers from the International Airport.

Alamein City

Country: Egypt

New Alamein, is a new city in northwest
Egypt inaugurated by Egyptian President Abdel
Fattah el-Sisi on 1 March 2018. New Alamein
lies on the Mediterranean Sea, approximately
85 km west of Borg El Arab International Airport.

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Akon City

Country: Senegal

Akon City is a project launched by Senegalese
singer and entrepreneur Akon. Akon City will
be built in Senegal. The project was first
announced in Senegal by Akon along with the
Senegal Minister of Tourism, Alioune Sarrin, in

Konza City

Country: Kenya

Konza (Konza Technopolis ) is a key flagship project of Kenya’s Vision 2030 economic development portfolio. Konza will be a world-class city, powered by a thriving information, communications and technology (ICT) sector, superior reliable infrastructure and business friendly governance systems

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