If you’re an intending, a newbie or a struggling affiliate marketer, here’re mistakes you need to avoid;


If anyone tries to tell you that affiliate marketing is a way for you to get rich overnight, run for the hills.

They’re feeding you a lie, and probably trying to get you to buy a course from them if you’re hoping to be in this amazing industry.

Affiliate marketing is no different than any other business.

Building something successful requires a lot of time, energy and, more importantly, patience.

Sure, you may have small wins here, and there, that you didn’t see coming, but that is a part of the process.

All of those small, unexpected wins can add up to make you a lot of money, but they’re not going to happen overnight.

When you see these small wins happening, you can usually attribute them to something you had done weeks, or even months before.

Affiliate marketing is an amazing business model, especially for beginners, because it’s easy to test and figure out what’s going on without having to devote massive amounts of your money to the business.

While you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing -and many people do- in no way, shape, or form is it a way for you to get rich quick.

I firmly believe that if you go into building your business, expecting not to earn a dime from it anytime soon, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, instead of always setting yourself up to get discouraged.


The only way you’re going to make money in your business is to actually sell something and promote products.

If it’s all you’re doing, though, you’re not going to make nearly as much money as you could be making.

If you really want to make a lot of money, and actually keep your business running for years, you’re going to have to adjust how you’re publishing content, and change your mindset from making money to actually helping people.

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Helping people does two different things for your business.

First, it helps you build credibility, which makes people trust you more and continue coming back.

And, secondly, it gets people out of the mindset that you’re selling to them, and gets them to realize you’re helping them solve problems that they’re having and may be willing to pay you to solve.

When people recognize that they have problems that can be solved, and you’re helping them solve those problems, you’re able to promote products and services that are the solutions, they’ll thank you for it, and your business will make more money because of your generosity.


Yes…Promoting your affiliate products is very important, but then…

…“Keep It Stupidly Simple (KISS)” is an adage that works with nearly every business model, especially online business models like affiliate marketing.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, promoting less means that you’re able to promote more often and dig deeper into the problems that the specific product you’re promoting solves for your visitors.

When you’re promoting too many products, it’s going to show that you’re focused more on making money than you are on solving people’s problems.

It’s also going to force you to promote more often, and leave your visitors confused about which products are actually worth their money.

When that happens, they’re going to end up leaving your funnel, instead of confident about what you’re recommending to them.

A lack of confidence in your prospects means your income is going to suffer as a result.


At some point in time, you’re going to have to let go of the gurus and cut your own path through life.

While you don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel, and learning more about what you’re doing is generally considered a good thing, spending years learning how to build your business isn’t nearly as important as spending a single year actually building your business.

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Sometimes, you’re going to make mistakes, and other times you’re going to have small wins that add up to a big income for you.

Those things aren’t going to happen if you’re constantly reading, trying to figure out what the big name gurus are doing and teaching, or trying to learn from other people all of the time.

Most times, people that are following the latest gurus are taking what they say word for word, which means they may be fighting a losing battle.

There’s no telling that what the guru is giving them is actually relevant to their business.

However, if you’re cutting your own path and building your business on your terms, you’re going to instantly stand out from the pack.


If you have a large budget, a lot of confidence, some technical skills, and believe you can take on the big competitors in the industry you’ve chosen, there’s nothing wrong with casting a large net and attempting to make money in a broad topic.

However, for most people reading this, competing on a general topic is going to be fairly hard to do, and is actually going to hinder your progress, making it a lot harder for you to build a successful business.

Instead of trying to compete with major players that have built their funnels, it’s a lot better for you, as a beginner with a smaller budget and less experience, to focus on a tighter niche inside of the larger industry.

As time goes on, your traffic numbers increase, and you start making more money to support a larger content and marketing budget, you’ll be able to branch out from your niche and start taking on the larger industry.

When you spend time focusing on a tighter niche, you’re also giving yourself more chances to figure out the intimate problems that your visitors are having, and deliver the best solutions to those problems.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a successful affiliate marketing business won’t be, either.

Many of the most successful people, gurus, and coaches you see teaching you the latest and greatest techniques have been at it for a while.

If there is someone you’re following that seems to have come out of nowhere, you can safely bet that they have actually been at it for a long time, and it took them that long to reach the mass population.

Being impatient and expecting results to instantly come to you is a recipe for disaster.

I’ve personally seen more people quit building their business because they were told that something was going to happen in their first month or even their first 6 months.

Instead of getting frustrated at the lack of results, you’re going to become elated when results -and income- happens while you weren’t expecting it to.

These are two completely different mindsets, but I can say that the people that have been around for years all started their business with a curiosity about what was actually possible, instead of tying their enthusiasm to how quickly they could start making money.

In conclusion, creating a successful affiliate marketing business requires passion, commitment, knowledge of products, updated knowledge about market trends, relationship building with clients, quality traffic, and helpful product recommendations.

Many times, affiliate marketers with great products fail to make their business profitable just because they deploy detrimental strategies.

The information above is a small step to help them avoid these common affiliate marketing mistakes.

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